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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
HomeAutomotiveThe All-New Cupra Tavascan (2024)

The All-New Cupra Tavascan (2024)

The unconventional challenger brand takes the next step in its all-electric journey with the unveiling of the CUPRA Tavascan. The first hero in a new era for the brand, the CUPRA Tavascan is not only its first all-electric SUV coupé, but also the impulse for its new design language, one that will feature on future electrified cars in the CUPRA line-up.

CUPRA Tavascan joins CUPRA Born and six plug-in hybrid variants: CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Leon Estate and CUPRA Formentor, each available with two plug-in hybrid variants. CUPRA Tavascan will come to market in 2024, quickly followed by CUPRA Terramar in the same year, and CUPRA UrbanRebel – the brand’s urban electric car – in 2025.

Built on Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric vehicle architecture, two power output options are available. At the top of the range is the 340PS (250kW) VZ version, with power transferred to the tarmac using an all-wheel drive system that integrates an electric motor in both the front and rear axles for the ultimate driving experience. There is also a rear-wheel drive variant delivering 286PS (210kW) with an electric motor placed in the rear axle. The Tavascan’s performance is matched by the battery technology, with enough energy storage to travel around 341 miles (549km) on a single charge.

The CUPRA Tavascan maintains the brand’s desire to deliver a driver’s car, but one that captures a new and expressive interpretation of performance. Selectable chassis setups through its DCC Sport system, progressive steering and performance tyres mounted on 21″ forged alloy wheels connect the driver with the car and the road to provide a unique driving experience.

The Tavascan is 4,644mm long, 1,861mm wide, 1,597mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,766mm. Its dimensions balance the need for driveability with the demands of everyday use but in a form that boosts desirability.

Exterior design

CUPRA Tavascan marks an important shift for CUPRA, not only as the brand’s first all-electric SUV coupé, but as the impulse for a new striking design language that will transfer to future electrified cars in the brand’s line-up.

Delivering on a dream: The CUPRA Tavascan remains faithful to the show car presented at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, the initial step in bringing the dream of an all-electric SUV coupé to the market.

“The CUPRA Tavascan brings an unconventional style with its progressive and emotional approach to the SUV coupé segment,” said Jorge Díez, CUPRA Design Director. “It’s a new interpretation of electric performance that’s daring, and organic, built on strong lines and an athletic and purposeful stance.”

An icon for a new era: CUPRA has always been the challenger brand, and it takes this mantle into the design of its first all-electric SUV coupé.

The front of CUPRA Tavascan presents a new generation of cars with a fierce and mysterious look rich with details. The focal point is the three-triangle eye signature in the headlamp. These illuminated triangles are accompanied by advanced lighting functions, such as the Matrix LED beam. The Matrix function allows a fully automatic lighting system, which avoids glaring other vehicles driving both in the same and opposite directions. The CUPRA Lighting Concept makes the all-electric SUV coupé instantly recognisable. The look is enhanced by the illuminated CUPRA logo – one of the first series production vehicles to light up its logo in Europe – that proudly adorns the bonnet with its deep sculptural surfaces.

The front of CUPRA Tavascan has been moulded to not only deliver an eye-catching aesthetic, but it’s also rooted in ultimate performance with optimised aerodynamics.

At the bottom of the vehicle, the lines flow into the air intakes, adding a practical feature to the final design, channelling air inwards to improve the thermal characteristics of the all-electric SUV coupé.

Inspired from the racetrack: As you sweep your eyes to the side of the CUPRA Tavascan, its athleticism and sporty proportions come into view. It’s a design that emphasises the all-electric SUV coupé’s performance and the sensation of speed. It’s achieved through a design language that stretches the surface muscles in a wedge directly from the “shark nose” to the tailgate.

Add to this the “helmet” concept where the polished black A-pillar connects the windscreen to the side glass, generating a panoramic effect similar to that of a racing driver’s visor and the suggestion of performance grows even further. All these concepts were inspired by the CUPRA Tavascan XE race car, that competes in the all-electric Extreme E series.

Rolling design: The CUPRA Tavascan’s side profile is enhanced by the wheel design. The range of 19″, 20″ and 21″ machined and forged alloy wheels extend the character of the all-electric SUV coupé on the road, and they have practical benefits too: their aerodynamic covers better direct the flow of air, reducing turbulence and helping the CUPRA Tavascan to maximise its efficiency.

Every element counts: The rear design is centred on the characteristic forms of the taillights and the continuation of the CUPRA lighting concept; its three-triangle graphic representation together with the illuminated CUPRA logo takes centre stage. Even when not illuminated the signature is clearly CUPRA: distinctive and instantly recognisable.

The lighting concept adds to the CUPRA Tavascan’s rear proportions that push the feeling of width and solidity, re-emphasising the SUV’s progressive and emotional design. Every element is part of this design approach, even down to the reflectors that increase the perception of width, as well as the design of the rear diffuser, which also enhances aerodynamic performance.

The new character is reinforced with the colour palette: Tavascan Blue, White Silver, Mojave Beige, Urano Grey, Hypernova Red and Century Bronze Matt.

Interior design

The sculptured exterior lines of the CUPRA Tavascan are mirrored inside the car. It’s a space that mixes material and technological concepts to create a cabin that provides the perfect balance between driver orientation and passenger comfort.

A central spine: The core feature in providing a truly unconventional design is the central spine, a structural central piece that supports the entire interior and helps define the character of all the floating elements.

The interior’s spine unites the console body with the dashboard; a sculptural, structural, and architectural feature that provides the feeling of lightness.

Seated for the experience: The CUPRA Tavascan will be equipped with sporty bucket seats as standard. The sculptural seating architecture uses a light structure that provides a new concept in seat design without reducing support. The elegance of the seats is enhanced by the choice of colours: Soul Black, Dark Night, or Enceladus Grey Metallic (exclusive to the CUP bucket seats which will be available at a later date).

The seats add texture to the interior with a choice of sustainable materials; Textile – with up to 90% recycled polyester – or Microfibre – with up to 50% recycled Microfibre. The 3D parametric mesh enriches the look and feel, while at the same time enhancing the lightweight feeling of the interior.

Digital and tactile design meet: The CUPRA Tavascan uses the perfect combination of the latest technology and groundbreaking style. Its floating 15″ central infotainment screen – the largest so far in a CUPRA model – sits as a focus of the Tavascan’s digital approach, augmented towards the driver. It also integrates a newly designed and developed Human Machine Interface (HMI), optimising the infotainment system and making it more intuitive, whilst a digital cockpit is positioned behind the steering wheel.

Lighting plays a significant part in creating the CUPRA Tavascan’s interior mood. LED technology is used throughout the cabin – including front and rear door panels – to add ambient light to emphasise the floating elements of the interior, such as the sleek dashboard and the sculptural centre console.

Decorative copper accents bring the CUPRA feel to the interior, while the mix of Soul Black with a choice of Deep Plum or Dark Ice Metal colours for the door moulding, central spine and other areas add contrast.

Space, both in the front and rear is optimised to offer perfect comfort, while the smart storage options mean there is space for all of life’s necessities. The everyday functionality extends to the boot – the electric tailgate can be opened via virtual pedal and has 540 litres of room.


The CUPRA Tavascan’s powertrain is set up to deliver the most engaging drive possible. Thanks to the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, it integrates advanced all-electric systems to deliver a unique experience.

CUPRA Tavascan VZ: The range-topping VZ variant features a dual motor layout (rear motor: 210kW; front motor: 80kW) to deliver even greater dynamics, with the ability to send up to 30% of the vehicle’s power to the front wheels when more traction is required. It offers an impressive combined output of 340PS (250kW), with a torque of 545Nm (rear motor) and 134Nm (front motor). The selectable CUPRA Mode – Range, Comfort, Performance, CUPRA, Individual and Traction (for the all-wheel drive version) – means the driving experience can be tailored to each driver’s preference.

The all-wheel drive system uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum speed of 13,000rpm integrated above the rear axle in front of the centre of the wheels. Torque is transferred using a single-speed transmission with a differential.

It is assisted by a front mounted motor when the onboard control unit detects torque requirements for the front wheels.

The front asynchronous motor benefits from minimal drag losses when inactive and the coaxially mounted front drive unit is lightweight at only 60kg. As an all-electric vehicle there is no need for a mechanical connection, such as a traditional drive shaft, clutch, or differential, between the two axles, making the system responsive, lightweight and compact.

The two motors communicate instantly, managing loads quickly and efficiently. Each is given new commands every millisecond via their respective power electronics, and the shift in torque between axles is seamless, making the adjustments imperceptible to occupants.

The ability to shift torque between all four wheels increases not only driveability and assurance, but also acceleration. From a standing start the CUPRA Tavascan VZ can reach 31mph (50km/h) in just 2.4 seconds and 62mph (100km/h) in just 5.6 seconds.

In addition to the dual motor VZ variant, a single motor option will also be available. This variant benefits from the same rear-mounted motor technology (making it rear wheel drive), delivering 286PS (210kW) and 545Nm.

Advanced battery technology: At the centre of the Tavascan is its water-cooled, prismatic cell modules lithium-ion battery, housed in an aluminium structure that is part of the vehicle’s body, increasing rigidity and keeping the centre of gravity low.

In the Endurance version, a 77kWh net battery pack with rear wheel drive, delivers around 341 miles (549km) based on the official WLTP test cycle. The highest specification, dual motor, all-wheel drive CUPRA Tavascan VZ delivers a range of around 321 miles (517km) from the same 77kWh net battery pack.

The system’s efficiency is aided by the onboard thermal management system that maintains the battery’s temperature, making sure it stays optimised. The battery includes a base plate with integrated water channels connected to the coolant circuit.

Increased efficiency: When the accelerator is released the motor acts as a generator to feed energy back into the battery (this happens when the ‘B’ mode is selected rather than ‘D’) pushing energy back into the powertrain and reducing wear on the brakes. The level of energy recuperation can also be managed via the regenerative paddle shifts on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to choose between four different levels.

A heat pump is optionally available that more efficiently heats the interior in low temperatures.

“The CUPRA Tavascan builds on an evolved electric powertrain technology used in the company’s first all-electric car, the CUPRA Born, to produce an exhilarating drive whether in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive versions,” said Werner Tietz, Executive Vice-President for Research and Development at CUPRA. “CUPRA’s first all-electric SUV coupé is offering a unique driving experience, showing a reinvented sportiness in electric vehicles.”

Recharging performance: The CUPRA Tavascan also includes a range of convenient recharging options.

The second all-electric vehicle in the CUPRA line-up can add an additional 62 miles (100km) of range in as little as seven minutes. When the battery’s SOC drops to only 10%, it can be replenished to 80% in just under half an hour using a 135kW DC charging point.

Whether you’re charging at home or on the road, the CUPRA Tavascan adapts; it can be plugged in to both AC and DC charging networks, making charging simple and hassle free.

The CUPRA Easy Charging App controls everything related to charging: no matter what recharging infrastructure is available, it’s always at your fingertips and easy to manage, so you’re always ready for the next journey.


Electrification and performance are the perfect match, and the challenger brand takes it to the next level with the CUPRA Tavascan.

Underpinned by the Volkswagen Group’s MEB architecture, the modular electric drive matrix is designed specifically to give engineers a starting point to deliver the best handling vehicle possible. And the CUPRA Tavascan development team in Barcelona (Martorell) have used the toolkit to do so.

Building blocks for success: The robust chassis uses well-known technologies as a baseline for ride and handling performance. The front MacPherson struts and an advanced multi-link rear design have been tuned to make sure that the Tavascan provides smooth and intuitive feedback to steering inputs whether driving at motorway speeds or covering ground on smaller, more technical roads.

The battery is positioned centrally between the axles meaning weight distribution is optimised (49:51) with a low centre of gravity, improving agility.

The CUPRA Tavascan’s progressive steering puts the driver in complete control, aided by the brake actuation and feel, helping the SUV coupé to feel assured in all conditions.

Adapted to the driver: The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – which can be configured in sport setup (ESC OFF) – as well as the chassis tunability thanks to the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) Sport system mean CUPRA Tavascan is an SUV coupé that is able to adapt to the driving style of whoever is behind the wheel no matter what the journey.

Road feel is also delivered through the CUPRA Tavascan’s wheels. The SUV coupé has a range of 19″, 20″ and 21″ options to generate as much feedback between the road and the driver as possible, aided by the performance tyres (when equipped with 21″ forged alloy wheels): it wears 255mm wide rubber at both the front and rear (19″: 235mm front, 255mm rear).

The CUPRA Tavascan is 4,644mm long, 1,861mm wide, 1,597mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,766mm.


The CUPRA Tavascan slots into our digital lives effortlessly by becoming a core part of the digital eco-system, integrating advanced infotainment and connectivity solutions to keep customers in touch.

Tavascan’s connectivity has been defined by rigorous and extensive tests, considering the habits, desires and requirements of customers to produce something that delivers the functionality essential for everyday life, while complementing, not distracting from the driving experience.

Engaging and personalised digitalisation: The CUPRA Tavascan opens the door to a new generation of user experience, one that’s easier to use, intuitive and highly customisable thanks to a new Human Machine Interface (HMI). At its centre is a 15″ centre console screen – the largest so far in a CUPRA model – that delivers clarity for the driver and other occupants. It provides access to all the required functionality, allowing drivers to view the information that is most important to them.

The display mixes the benefits of touchscreen inputs with a retro illuminated touch bar to adjust interior climate settings and volume, as well as voice control. With the ability to include up to three configurable widgets, the infotainment system can be customised to individual preferences.

When first switched on, the HOME layout delivers every important function and is instantly understandable at first glance with access to core features in a single click without distractions. The upper zone of the display gives direct access to the main menus, streamlining use.

The customisable widgets are focused on the driver with a diagonal style and two sizes allowing information to be prioritised. To simplify things further, two banks of widgets allow direct access to the main functions of the car.

The CUPRA Tavascan also integrates the Wireless Full Link system, facilitating the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Step-up in sound: Audio content, whether it’s music, podcasts or even calls, is redefined thanks to the CUPRA Tavascan’s new sound system. The 12-speaker system was developed in collaboration with Sennheiser, a specialist in premium high-fidelity audio equipment. The sound quality and integration inside the car is immersive and provides a unique sound experience for the driver and the passengers.

The large central screen is supplemented with a 5.3″ digital cockpit that delivers a driver-focused experience and places core information right in front of the driver’s eyes.

Pure and concise driver information: The augmented reality head-up display projects information onto the windscreen; driver assistance indicators, speed, and navigation system indications, all sit in the real world in the driver’s line of sight, making it clearer without being distracting.

Connected services: The CUPRA Tavascan’s digital presence is amplified by CUPRA CONNECT and the My CUPRA App.

After customers take delivery of their vehicle, they will instantly have three years’ free access to online services: online traffic information, online route calculation and dynamic points of interest are only a few steps away.

With the My CUPRA App, customers have complete control over their vehicle, with the ability to manage settings such as climate control, battery charging and remote locking and unlocking.

Digitalisation isn’t simply about staying in the digital loop, the embedded SIM adds improved safety as users benefit from the eCall service. If an accident occurs, the vehicle can directly contact the emergency services either manually or automatically, and the vehicle can relay important data including car position, fuel type, and the number of passengers, making it easier for them to assist.

Safety and convenience

The CUPRA Tavascan is a safe everyday vehicle that can help reduce the stress of driving and minimise any possible incidents.

The onboard technologies also take some of the strain of driving thanks to semi-automated driving capabilities.

A suite of onboard advanced assisted driving systems: Tavascan is equipped with a suite of advanced systems: Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Side Assist, Lane Assist, Exit Warning, Exit Assist, Fatigue Detection and Rear View eSmart Camera. In addition, advanced active safety functions, such as Front Assist, with swerve support and turn assist, prevents or mitigates possible damage in an emergency situation, monitoring other road users like cars, pedestrians and bicycles.

With the new Car2x system, communication between other vehicles is enabled, sharing road information about emergency vehicles, broken down vehicles and accidents, allowing it to prevent critical situations in advance.

The full range of assistance systems deliver valuable information to the driver, and all relevant information is present in the driver’s line of sight, thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system, minimising distraction.

The onboard systems use data supplied from an array of integrated sensors, whether it’s radar, camera or ultrasonic, and information fed from outside sources to build a picture of the vehicle’s surroundings and any possible hazards.

New Connected Travel Assist: When the road ahead allows, Travel Assist technology works in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control and information obtained from the Cloud. The cumulative information actively keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane, adapting the speed while cornering. This next-generation technology also offers assisted lane changing on motorways.

A 360º view: The CUPRA Tavascan’s Side and Exit Assist gives a visual and audible warning if something is hidden from an occupant’s view. Exit Warning gives an acoustic caution if someone or something is approaching the CUPRA Tavascan when parked and an occupant is about to leave the vehicle.

The Emergency Assist system makes sure the driver remains focused on driving and isn’t distracted, using visual and acoustic warnings to get the driver’s attention. If there is no reaction from the driver, the system can initiate braking jolts and, if there is still no change, the vehicle can come to a complete stop and activate the warning lights. Once parked, the vehicle can directly contact the emergency services using the eCall system.

Assisted Parking now allows parking manoeuvres to be done remotely using a smartphone. Additionally, Trained Parking enables the driver to be completely assisted 50 metres ahead of a previously memorised parking space.

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