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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Renault Kardian (2024)

he first international vehicle to showcase Renault’s new brand identity, Renault Kardian combines the robust silhouette of an SUV with sleeker and more emotional lines. These markers of the brand’s new visual language give the vehicle a modern and tech-focused look that sets it apart from other international urban SUVs.

A robust and dynamic SUV

Renault Kardian’s bodywork combines chiselled lines with rounded shapes, incorporating key elements of the brand’s new visual identity. Its optimal proportions, made possible by a 2.6-metre wheelbase, give it a compact silhouette. Immediately recognisable SUV features include the roof bars, the horizontal and sculpted bonnet and the splash shield reinforced by coloured skid plates. At the rear, the pronounced roof drop and the angled back window add a dynamic touch to the silhouette while the pronounced shoulders give the vehicle a robust look.

Proportions maximising interior space

Measuring 4.12 metres long, 1.75 metres wide and 1.54 metres high, Renault Kardian is a B-segment vehicle. Its dimensions make it an ideal choice for urban driving, while its large (17-inch) wheels, generous (2.6-metre) wheelbase and approach and departure angles (20° and 36° respectively) make it a versatile vehicle, suitable for all roads.

Its long, best-in-category wheelbase also helps maximise interior space, particularly in the rear passenger area. Its boot capacity of 358 dm3 VDA (410 litres) is another strong marker of its versatility.

A grille establishing a firm identity

In keeping with the rhombus theme central to the brand’s identity, Renault Kardian sports a grille with a 3D “diamond” pattern, formed by a multitude of small rhombus whose sparkle is accentuated by the deep glossy black backdrop.

Renault’s “Nouvel’R” logo, featured on an international model for the first time, sits in the centre of the band like a mounted gem.

17-inch diamond-cut rims

The side of Renault Kardian also adds a modern touch to its appearance. Its bold lines are reinforced by 17-inch diamond-cut aluminium rims. Two-tone, they combine black and polished aluminium with a multitude of small diamond-shaped facets, creating a contrast in terms of brightness.

Brand-new signature lighting

An integral part of Renault’s new brand identity, the signature lighting featured on Kardian functions with two modules per vehicle side. The upper module arranges the LED daytime running lights (DRLs) and indicators in a very thin strip for a chiselled and modern look. The lower module features all-LED headlamps for enhanced driving comfort, giving Renault Kardian a unique look. The pure white in colour of these LEDs improve visibility and therefore safety on the road.

The rear end sports the signature lighting feature characteristic of Renault models: C-shaped tail lamps. Combined with the design of the boot and the shark fin antenna, these lamps reinforce the SUV character and modernity of Kardian.

Modular roof bars

Renault Kardian is equipped with flexible roof bars. Mounted lengthwise, they can very easily be switched to a crosswise position using the right spanner. These bars can hold up to 80 kilograms of cargo and are a silver colour, as are the front and rear skid plates.

Modern and bright colours

Renault Kardian will be launched in South America in five colours: glacier white, star grey, Cassiopea grey, pearl black, as well as Orange Energy (a brand-new vibrant colour balanced by the two-tone black roof). The silver roof bars and front and rear skid plates further highlight the harmonious pairing of the orange bodywork with the black roof, resulting in a resolutely modern look.


The interior of Renault Kardian is designed to deliver an in-vehicle experience that combines modernity and technology with an emotional design. The cabin exhibits the hallmarks of an SUV, boasting equipment and quality materials usually reserved for higher segment vehicles.

A high console and a best-in-segment storage capacity

Renault Kardian’s high console gives the cabin an SUV look. Offering a best-in-segment storage capacity of eight litres, the high console includes an armrest, four USB ports (two at the front and two for rear passengers) and a smartphone compartment with wireless charging. In total, Renault Kardian provides more than 26 litres of internal storage space – more than any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil.

An “e-shifter” gear selector and an electric parking brake

Renault Kardian is equipped with an “e-shifter” gear selector (with no mechanical cable), which enables gear shifting with a simple push motion. This joystick-style lever inspired by the world of gaming ensures a seamless and intuitive driving experience, adding a resolutely technological touch to the cabin.

Another interior design highlight is the electric parking brake, which not only adds to the modernity of the cabin, but also makes better use of the space between the driver and the front-seat passenger.

A digital dashboard

Renault Kardian boasts another distinctive feature: a modern and refined seven-inch digital dashboard. The interface displays relevant driving information and enables seamless navigation between different views. The backlight colour of the screen can be customised for eight different ambient lighting options – which can be activated via the multimedia screen – and blend in with the LEDs running along the front door panels, accentuating the interior design of Renault Kardian. The chosen ambient lighting is also replicated on the multimedia screen.

An 8-inch multimedia screen with MULTI-SENSE settings

Another technological highlight of Renault Kardian is its eight-inch multimedia floating screen with slim edges. The multimedia system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay via wired and wireless connections, allowing smartphone driving and entertainment apps to be used directly via the screen. It is very responsive.

This screen provides access to MULTI-SENSE settings for even more emotions and sensations, allowing the driver to choose between three driving modes – Eco, Sport and MySense – and different ambient lighting options to match their mood.

Modern materials and vibrant colours

The entire inside of Renault Kardian was designed to convey a sense of modernity and dynamism, including in the choice of colours and materials. The seats are upholstered with a fabric featuring gradations of orange. Also adding a refreshing splash of colour is the dashboard, which features orange stitching and a decorative band made from a grained coated fabric, TEP – a material also used for the front door inserts.

Renault Kardian’s signature seats are strikingly decorated with lines of 3D rhombus.


Renault Kardian is packed full of technologies, featuring 13 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) – two of which are not available in any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil. The feeling of safety brought about by the high driving position is complemented by the passive safety equipment – including six airbags – and a reinforced body structure to reduce the impact of collisions.

Blind spot warning and multi-view camera systems – unique equipment in this segment

For a safe and smooth driving experience, Renault Kardian is equipped with a blind spot warning system, an item of equipment not available in any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil. This system notifies the driver if there is a vehicle outside their field of vision – during lane changes, for instance. Operating at speeds between 30 and 140 km/h and using four ultrasonic sensors mounted on either side of the vehicle, the system issues visuals warnings to the driver via flashing LED lights on the door mirrors. This function can easily be activated or deactivated via the multimedia screen on the dashboard.

The multi-view camera system – another item of equipment not available in any other B-segment vehicle in Brazil – simplifies the driver’s life by displaying obstacles to the front, rear and sides of the vehicle on the eight-inch multimedia central screen during reversing and parking manoeuvres. The driver can change the angle of the left side-, right side-, front- and rear-view cameras.

An adaptive cruise control system

Renault Kardian’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) system is a useful feature for long journeys, offering the driver comfort and safety. This sensor-based system automatically adjusts the speed of the vehicle to help the driver maintain a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front without having to work the accelerator pedal. If there is no vehicle ahead, ACC works like regular cruise control. This system can be activated from speeds of 30 km/h and its status is displayed on the navigation screen.

A safe distance alert system

This system informs the driver of the time interval between their vehicle and the vehicle in front so they can keep a safe distance away. It operates when the vehicle’s speed is between 30 and 180 km/h but switches off when the adaptive control system is turned on.

Frontal collision warning and active emergency braking systems

The frontal collision warning system uses camera and radar technology to alert the driver if they are getting too close to the vehicle in front. A visual warning is displayed on the navigation screen and an audible warning is triggered when the driver is expected to brake. If the driver does not react in time, the active emergency braking system automatically applies the brakes to stop the vehicle.

Other key ADAS

Renault Kardian’s suite of ADAS also includes a hill start assistance system, which automatically kicks in when the vehicle is stopped on a slope greater than three degrees. This system prevents the vehicle from rolling back by applying the brakes automatically when the driver lifts their foot off the brake pedal to depress the accelerator pedal. It holds the vehicle stationary for two seconds before releasing the brakes.

Additionally, speed limiter and cruise control systems give the driver greater peace of mind and help reduce their fuel consumption and fatigue on long journeys.

6 airbags for all-round protection

Passive safety is also a high priority for Renault Kardian, as it comes with six airbags in total – driver, front passenger, side and curtain airbags. The vehicle’s body structure is reinforced at the front to reduce the force of impact in the event of a frontal or side collision. Furthermore, in critical driving situations, the electronic stability control (ESC) system intervenes when it detects the vehicle is not going where the driver is steering.


Renault Kardian inaugurates Renault Group’s new modular platform in Brazil. It’s at the top of its segment in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to the new 1.0-litre 125 hp turbocharged engine of 125 hp and 220 Nm, combined with an EDC dual-clutch gearbox. A mechanical combination unheard of in Latin America.

First production model based on Renault Group’s new modular platform

Renault is the number one French brand in the world, focusing on four industrial and commercial hubs – Latin America, North Africa-Turkey, India and South Korea.

With these markets in mind, Renault Group developed a unique modular platform that provides a basis for the design and construction of “à la carte” vehicles. In the future, it will enable the development of seven international vehicles, assembled in the Group’s four industrial regions – Latin America, Turkey, Morocco and India.

The high degree of flexibility offered by this platform will make it possible to offer very different bodies and silhouettes, with vehicle lengths of 4 to 5 metres, four wheelbase options (measuring 2.6 to 3 metres), as well as three rear module lengths. Renault Kardian is the first – and the most compact – vehicle to benefit from this new modular platform. As demonstrated by the Niagara Concept car unveiled at the same time, this platform will help develop very diverse vehicles, such as large pick-ups, and other attractive silhouettes. It is important to note that Renault Group’s new evolutive platform will use a next-generation electrical and electronic architecture, compatible with all current and future regulations.

A new 125 hp flexfluel engine delivering a torque of 220 Nm

Renault Kardian will be launched in Brazil with a new 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine delivering an output of 125 hp (92 kW) and a torque of 220 Nm. This engine will be coupled with an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission for optimal driving pleasure.

Lowering fuel consumption in combination with the Stop & Start system, this mechanical combination offers excellent responsiveness – and enhanced driving pleasure – with limited CO2 emissions. Its 220 Nm torque enables efficient and energy-saving driving.

An Efficient Dual Clutch automatic transmission

Like many of the brand’s European models, Renault Kardian features a 1.0 three-cylinder turbocharged engine and an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) transmission. This system uses two clutches to perform very quick gear shifts with no torque interruption, increasing driving comfort and responsiveness. The driver can also shift up or down manually using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Furthermore, this transmission uses wet dual-clutch technology – a competitive advantage in the Latin American market – to optimise the cooling of the clutches and extend their lifespan. This transmission, whose technical name is DW23, will be a world first, making its debut in Latin America markets.

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