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1949 Volkswagen Type 1

75 years ago, two Volkswagen Type 1 vehicles landed on the shores of New York, marking the first attempt to sell the vehicle, better known today as the Beetle, to Americans. Seventy-five years later, the iconic automaker is celebrating its humble beginnings, recognizing those who have woven the brand into the cultural fabric of the U.S. and setting the stage for the next era in its continued transformation.

To celebrate the momentous anniversary the VW brand announced a year-long holistic campaign that will serve as a love letter to the American people, and an invitation to be part of Volkswagen’s electric future.

“Over the past 75 years, Volkswagen has grown from a tale of two Beetles into a part of America’s cultural fabric,” said Rachael Zaluzec, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Brand Marketing, Volkswagen of America. “We carry people in our name and our heart. As we look forward to the next 75, we will celebrate the real people and real-life moments that have made Volkswagen brand the people’s love story it is today.”

Moments are being planned throughout the year to spotlight the people, products and places that have defined one of America’s best-known brands. The 75th anniversary campaign will include Volkswagen’s return to Super Bowl LVIII following a hiatus from advertising in The Big Game.

VW through the decades

In 1949, Dutch businessman Ben Pon arrived in New York with two Volkswagen Type 1 vehicles. While Pon struggled initially to sell the cars, Americans soon warmed to the charms of the Beetle. Volkswagen of America was established in 1955 to organize dealers and provide parts and service. In 1959, the brand ran its first iconic “Think Small” ad touting the benefits of the air-cooled, easy-to-maintain Beetle.

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