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Kia takes twin awards for Platform Beyond Vehicle business exhibition at CES 2024

Kia has successfully concluded its participation at CES 2024 in Las Vegas (9-12 January), where the brand presented its Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) future strategy.

Kia received two prestigious awards at CES for its five PBV concept models, and its multi-phase plan to revolutionise the mobility industry while helping to advance Hyundai Motor Group’s ambitions in software-defined everything (SDx), including robotics, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and autonomous driving.

Digital Trends hailed Kia’s vision for future mobility with the presentation of a ‘Top Tech of CES 2024’ award, which recognises the best and most innovative announcements at the show. “Kia has been one of the most influential companies in terms of the transition to EVs. The PBV Concept shows it’s ready to also take a fresh step into a futuristic vision of what vehicles can be,” commented Digital Trends. “Modular and easy-to-build layouts, external informational displays, and the incorporation of accessibility features are all the little touches that make the PBV Concept so interesting.”

The Verge named the Kia Concept PV5 ‘Best car’ at CES 2024. Alongside the Concept PV1 and Concept PV7, Kia presented several different variants, including Basic, Van, High Roof, and Chassis Cab. Thanks to Kia’s ‘Easy Swap’ technology, a range of body modules can be quickly and simply interchanged on the PV5 chassis cab to repurpose the vehicle to suit customers’ needs. The Verge praised the PV5 for its ability to serve as a blank slate for businesses to imprint their own identities on while hailing Kia’s PBV strategy as a potential game-changer.

Kia’s presence at CES 2024 marked a return to the industry-leading Consumer Electronics Show after a five-year absence. The brand’s attendance was part of Hyundai Motor Group’s largest-ever participation at CES, where HMG showcased a comprehensive future vision encompassing the entire group’s business.

This year’s show reached an even greater global audience with a 12 per cent increase in media attention over 2023, with around 150 countries and 4,300 companies participating and a record-breaking attendance of over 130,000 visitors. Artificial Intelligence (AI), alongside sustainable technology, was the core theme permeating CES with Kia and Hyundai leading high-level discussions on these topics.

Automotive brands, including Kia, received substantial attention during CES, highlighting the event as a key platform for mobility technology. This spotlight underscored the global media appeal of Kia’s PBV business strategy, PBV concept models, the Kia Concept EV3 and EV4, as well as the EV6 GT and EV9 production models.

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